Even the development of science and technology altering from day to day, creation still needs time to precipitate.
We hope to become the builder of story content in the new era, so that the creation started from human nature can be balanced, integrated and even infinite with web3.







There is a revolution launching in the universe.
A revolution to save the past, present and future.
Arcanum is out of control.
The tyrant is roaring.
Heat death is coming.
Time and space are collapsing.
No more silence, let us do it.
Those adventurers from the parallel universes.
Or landers who travel in the LINKVERSEs.
We are calling you.
Take your sword, ride your horse, it is time to leave your comfort zone.
Hold tight your compass , board the ship, it is time to leave the sanctuary.
We will rewrite the law of centralization.
We will work together to save the old world.
We will build a new home together.
Step on to the journey, my friends.
Witness the legends, my comrades.
We are calling you.



FORSIN is an organization, founded by a group of landers who dare to explore the unknown.

We believe that the most powerful force in the universe is the story.
We believe that imagination can create infinite possibilities.
Thus, FORSIN has an incredibly significant mission - recording.
The world consists of thousands of parallel universes and LINKVERSEs.
They exist in different dimensions and have their own physical laws.
FORSIN can provide technology of space-time shuttle.
Let landers freely explore all civilizations of the known world.
All stories will be included in the FORSIN 
The greatest use of these documents is to provide reference and reflection on the existing civilization.
However, we can observe that more and more worlds are destroyed or in misery…
…… No one knows where this strand of destructive force came from or how it was born.
It continues to devour the universe.
It keeps making tragedies happen.
We call this strand of force “ominousness”.
We can no longer just record, we must take initiatives.
This will be a long-term resistant.
Get ready, landers.




Each thought will be a starting point.
But it is also difficult to unite all these new thoughts as one.
We believe that landers have the characteristics of fearless innovation and brave pursuit of dreams.
Although numerous challenges are awaiting for us, you are not alone.

FORSIN is initiated by a senior team born in the slit of reality and virtual world.
The deep cultivation, practice, and innovation have allowed a great deal of excellent originality and partners to join the FORSIN. 
We believe this is destined to be a great adventure.
We believe this story will be remembered by history and sung by poets.
We will grow and thrive with you, Together, we will create a glorious saga.

Landers, welcome here.






1. Reserve Whitelist qualifications for every NFT series publish in the future
2. Enjoy the FORSIN copyright revenue of upcoming projects
3. Priorities to read the contents of LINKVERSE
4. Voting rights of FORSIN Internal Committee
5. Get access to FORSIN DAO trial run

Rights and Interests will continue to unlock....


FORSIN Council uses the latest quantum technology to create a new generation of OVOIDS.
It can be regarded as a magic amulet or an attached memory brain.
It has several protocol levels with different transmission capability. With it, it can ensure the landers will not be crushed or confused by the shuttle when crossing different LINKVERSEs.
The OVOIDS are the only certificate for the landers to enter the FORSIN 
CHRONICLES. All of your adventures will be recorded in the OVOIDS. Please be sure to bring it back safely!


An OVOID of MECHSOUL will hatch an artificial intelligence to accompany your journey. May it guide you to the right path…



If we compare WEB 3 to a new life, we believe that IP is the heart of this life.


FORSIN is a imaginative, creative, and vital community for creators.


With the concept of WEB 3, we will get advantage in entertainment industry in the future, build a platform for users to create together, to enjoy together,to share together, to achieve together.


New era calls for new stories, the outstanding creators should not be stifled. It is our duty to produce competitive IP by the technology of blockchain, give birth to the next Game of Thrones, Foundation or Dune.


FORSIN make creators to benefit from the world outlook, stories and characters they created persistently from the growth of royalties and income, and turn their IP into animations, movies, games, and other merchandises.


FORSIN’s NFT has an important goal, to make fans, gamers, investors and creators identify with each other. FORSIN’s NFT will be given the spiritual values which is far exceed the value of the traditional arts and businesses.


FORSIN is not a impatient Defi project, a hollow DAO.

FORSIN’s members come from all works of life, analyze the pain points by their rich experience.

FORSIN makes complete and specific plan, to make creations integrate with this era, achieve our goal step by step.


FORSIN dreams about Metaverse, and willing to build our Linkverse first. Build the future by pragmatic work.



China has over 17.5 million Internet writers with over 25 million works. It is one of the most creative markets with huge commercial potential.

Liu Cixin is a worldwide famous science fiction writer from China whose sci-fi book “The Three-Body Problem" won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel. But we believe that there are far more than one Liu in this country.

FORSIN dedicate ourselves to discover outstanding Chinese literature, promote them to the world by the ideal of Web 3.0, give them support and incubation to become a commercial project. Maybe the next “The Three-Body Problem" abroad will born in FORSIN?

FORSIN is negotiating with some legal blockchain company in China, there will be progress soon. Stay tuned!



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