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Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi realm, traditional Web2 project,Top class animation company Sparkly Key adapt into S-rank 3d animation,  release preview in the end of 2022 , to be the first animation project to adopt the highest rank technology.

Sulfurous Shadow

Fantasy super power adventure.

Calcine Gan Jiang and Mo Ye

Chinese traditional historical Wuxia fantasy.

Evacuation Day

Mutation wasteland survival tour.


Sci-fi horror exploration, FORSIN first Web2 + Web3 incubating project, including creator and fan economy, H5 game, animation, 3D ARPG GameFi.

Spendid New Era

Sci-fi adventure indie game.

Star Lotus

History sci-fi epic poetry.

07 LingXu_edited.jpg

Ling Xu

Spiritual world travel drama.

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