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About us

FORSIN will be your best friend in your voyage to the Web3 IP world.


Founder│Metaverse storyteller


Senior IP producer. IP incubation experience over 12 years, owner of  10+ IPs with more than 5 million words, 4000+ original paintings, 500+ model assets and many sign up writers. The works mostly focus on epic theme of sci-fi and fantasy. Drop out on junior year to start a business, work as producer director, creative director, art director and many other posts. Leading a team over 80+ members to make 3D animations and 3A game together with big companies home and abroad. 

Co-founder3A GameFi ready player one


IndieLight founder,  assist manage many incubation funds of big companies, build several famous indie game teams, help financing over 7 million us dollars for 3A game project. Founder of GAMERA GAMES, the biggest publishing company oversea in China, publish over 100+ games. Google , Tencent product manager, senior game designer, developing blockchain game platform with NOVESPACE now.


MarketingWeb3 Deep Diver


Graduate in Korea Hanyang University, master‘s degree Watching Web3 field for a long time, individual investor, Web3 global contributor.

Focus on metaverse, NFT and GameFi now, provide third party

payment and Defi Derivatives for partners.

Co-founder│Web3 evangelist


Serial Internet entrepreneur, full stack developer, founder and CEO of Huodongxing and ACCUPASS. Focus on crypto market on 2016, launch EvenToken, study the innovation of Web3 continuously.

Main designer of ASTAR AMA and Fantasy Genesis series activities.


Co-founderWeb 2.5 Dimensional Wall Breaker


Master Degree, graduated from King's College London. 10+ Years web 2.0 RTB advertiser. COO of NebulaVerse. Previously as the core member of SNW.AI SocialFi platform, ex-senior nrand manager of Uprets and NFT Bazaar, co-founder of and 10+ Years web 2.0 advertiser.


BusinessKing of Intermediary


Skilled at profit coaching, global supply chain and retail store management.
Achieved 60 million RMB sales revenue thru BD and project collaboration.
With 0 to 1 experience, converge the product lines and accomplished month-on-month 60% growth with revenue
Specialized in grand project collaboration with government or big-tech.

Co-founderCreate 2 Earn doer


FORSIN business model architect, C++ programmer, Web application developer, study Web3 by practice and argumentation, propose new idea and operation logic for metaverse community.

Unreal Engine 5 game developer. Main designer and programmer of Overhound, a 3A game project of FORSIN metaverse incubator.

LINKVERSE founder and developer.


Copyright│Creator rights protector


Master‘s degree of Durham University of marketing Worked in London. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Intellectual

Property Department, ChinaLiterature IP business division.

Copyright operation for Liu cixin’s Threebody Problem and Fiber.


Senior Advisor


Desert Space / Cab 3.0 founder Build the first distributed code

management platform GitCafe in China.

Build several eco community with great technology influence.

Hard core gamer, Forbes 30u30 in 2014, IVLP visiting scholar in 2016.

Provide chain resources and professional suggestion of product, business and technology to FORSIN, help the project to build a system for upper and lower stream cooperation.

Founder of FORSIN

Foreshadow Studio, is an IP development service provider and a team of concept art design. The studio located in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful city in China, the paradise down on earth.
The representive works "Serbonian" created by Foreshadow Studio was adapted into animation by Sparkly Key and will be played on Youku. Through the accumulation of long-term aesthetic experience, Foreshadow Studio has served many domestic animation production and 3A game production abroad.
We are a team that is very open to technology, always ready to use the latest technology to create fantastic works. The artists in Foreshadow studio has a vareity of software or even programming skills.
Foreshadow Studio is also the founder of FORSIN creator union, whichs bring together many well-known game and animation producers and teams at home and aborad to create epic works from China to the world.

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